How to merge multiple feeds into one uploading to Mirakl

How to merge multiple feeds into one uploading to Mirakl

How to merge multiple feeds into one uploading to Mirakl

Uploading a CSV onto the Mirakl platform necessarily requires compliance with the standard of the fields required by the marketplace, and the provision of a single link to an all-inclusive price list.

Many companies that sell on the Mirakl network marketplaces (IBS, Eprice, Phone House, etc...) need to send multiple CSV files coming from the processing of multiple supplier price lists.

However, Mirakl's back-office panel allows the insertion of only one link. What to do in these cases?

Unification of multiple price lists to generate a single CSV for the Mirakl network.

Connecteed allows you to generate an unlimited number of projects and databases. Each project contains a database and the database can be fed by one or more input feeds (product lists or in any case object lists).

Each project database can also be exported with markups and rules, in different formats (including CSV, useful for Mirakl networks).

Each export generates a link.

Therefore, if I had generated a project for each incoming price list (of the suppliers from whom I want to purchase the goods), I would find myself in the following scheme.

PROJECT 1 - import supplier A - export link CSV #1

PROJECT 2 - import supplier B - export link CSV #2

PROJECT 3 - import supplier C - export link CSV #3

In this way three export links will be generated: files.connecteed/download/percorso_CSV1.csv etc...

The Mirakl panel (or Mirakl api) allows only one CSV file to be sent at a time.

It is therefore necessary to merge the CSVs of the individual price lists into a single CSV for the marketplace hosted by Mirakl. 

How to merge CSVs into one file?

The procedure consists of creating project 4, feeding it with the three feeds produced by CSVs 1, 2 and 3, and exporting it in a single CSV4 link, to be provided in the upload to the Mirakl marketplace panel.


Configuration of import/export scheduling to avoid latencies


The Connecteed projects are scheduled from the appropriate section by configuring hours and minutes (also configuring multiple daily schedules). At each automatic start, the system will perform the import and immediately after the export, in order to achieve zero latency time.

However, in the case of using an aggregation project, which acquires the export results of the other projects configured in Connecteed, it will be necessary to remember that the correct hourly scheduling of the 4 linked projects (3 VS 1) will be fundamental to achieve an effect similar to that of the single project, i.e. an import from the sources, and an export to the marketplace, after a few minutes or tens of minutes.

It will be very useful to take into consideration the scheduling time of the three price lists, which Connecteed will process in a few minutes, and be careful to schedule the aggregation price list 10 or 15 minutes after importing the three price lists.

This way you can count on latency-free synchronization.