Import feeds from external sources

Import feeds from external sources

Import feeds from external sources

Important: To properly understand the following, you will first need to review Connecteed project information. A project, by definition, is a container of incoming and outgoing data. Follow the tutorial to understand how to categorize and separate your flows in Connecteed.

Once a project has been defined, you can proceed by importing the data with this guide.

Data import can be carried out in two ways:

  • by first generating your database, and then connecting the data imported from your input feed;

  • without having first configured your project database, and therefore generating the fields of your database based on the fields of the data source (CSV/TXT/JSON/GDOC), which can however be subsequently modified by hand.

In both cases the procedure will be very similar, except for small differences explained later.

  • configuration of an import channel;

  • definition of the source and coupling of incoming data;

  • testing of input data;

  • data import;

  • field association (with auto-generation of database fields if you had not created it before);

  • time scheduling configuration;

  • alert configuration;

  • analysis of imported data.