How to automate product shipping to Amazon with Connecteed

How to automate product shipping to Amazon with Connecteed

How to automate product shipping to Amazon with Connecteed

Automation towards Amazon requires a few simple steps, listed below.

  • Activating a project in Connecteed;

  • Database configuration and activation of an incoming product feed, from any external source;

  • Insertion into Connecteed of your API KEY taken directly from your Seller Central;

  • Configuring export rules to Amazon;

  • Compilation of data relating to the shipment (shipping template) and the country from which the shipment departs;

  • Setting a product loading time.



How export to Amazon Seller Central works

The export is performed via the API channel made available by Amazon to its Partners, Connecteed first and foremost.

It is good to remember that when you upload a product automatically or manually, Amazon will continue to communicate with the person who uploaded the product, using the ID chosen by the person who uploaded the product. The ID could also be the code EAN / SKU, therefore first sending products using the EAN / SKU code and continuing to update prices and stocks using this key. With connecteed it is also possible to send Amazon a personalized product ID during loading and updating (more information on using a customized ID code different from the SKU / EAN and the opportunities that this choice offers to send multiple offers for the same product to Amazon).

Once the first upload has been made to Amazon, Connecteed will store the sending data, and in the preparation phase of a new shipment, it will be able to compare the new data with what is already present on your Seller Central, further verifying your online inventory via connection to Amazon. By doing so, your new product list will be analyzed by Connecteed, which will perform:

  • Aggiornamento prezzi/stock/shipping_template per i prodotti già nel tuo inventario Seller Central;

  • Aggiunta dei prodotti non presenti nel tuo inventario Seller Central (solo se presenti nel catalogo Amazon);

  • Eliminazione dei prodotti presenti nel tuo inventario Seller Central e non più presenti nell'invio da Connecteed (come ad esempio per i prodotti non più presenti nei listini dei tuoi fornitori).


Feed upload management flow on Amazon via Connecteed

Connecteed is a feed manager that is simple to use but also extremely powerful and versatile in the number of work-arounds that it allows the most geek users to activate.

The diagram indicated above is a valid help in understanding the logic with which the uploads are performed and in studying advanced solutions for mass online sales.