Formatting numbers

Formatting numbers

Formatting numbers

Converting decimals on Connecteed is a fundamental topic to understand before starting a product distribution procedure on the main marketplaces.

This guide aims to provide users with information on how to proceed correctly and reduce the risk of publishing price lists with incorrect sales prices.

Given that most marketplace platforms (Amazon, IBS, etc...) are structured to discard prices that do not comply with punctuation standards (thousands and decimals).


For example, Amazon expects one of the following formats:

  • 1,000.23 (one thousand.23)

  • 1000.23 (one thousand.23)

The point is always considered decimal, to the point where, by sending the price to Amazon

  • 1,250 (one thousand two hundred and fifty)

He will interpret it as

  • 1.25 euros

This behavior can generate serious errors, such as selling a product at a thousandth of its price.

It is therefore a good idea to use the formatting rule that Connecteed makes available and verify, when you first load your feed on the various marketplaces, that the prices comply with the marketplace specifications.

During the import phase of your products, it may happen that the data acquisition source is not optimal. For example, it may happen that you acquire data from your management system, exported in inconsistent formats, such as:

  • 1.345.432.22 (use of a decimal separator identical to the thousands separator);

  • 1,345,432,22 (use of a decimal separator identical to the thousands separator);

In this case Connecteed will convert both numbers above to:

  • 1345432.22 (one million three hundred and forty-five thousand four hundred and thirty-two,22).

This format can then be reformulated via rule Connecteed in one of the following options, all valid for the receiving marketplaces:

  • 1,345,432.22;

  • 1.345.432,22;

  • 1345432.22;

  • 1345432.22.