How to schedule import/export times in Connecteed

How to schedule import/export times in Connecteed

How to schedule import/export times in Connecteed

Hourly scheduling allows you to plan the import/export of each project at a specific time. The amount of daily schedules that can be planned depends solely on the subscription plan subscribed to.


How to schedule a project?

Simply click on the project sheet and then on the left menu item in the shape of a clock to access the scheduling page.

The orange alert icon will be shown on all projects in which the automatic scheduling time has not been configured and therefore the configured project will not produce any import/export products.


What happens when Connecteed starts the import/export process?

In order not to generate latency between the acquisition of the import data (which often contains information subject to high volatility such as quantity and price) and the export to the marketplaces, Connecteed starts the export process immediately once the import process is finished.

Below is the import/export process described in the technical steps:

  • import of the primary source;

  • import of any parallel secondary sources;

  • import of any combined sources;

  • database generation;

  • sending of notifications as required by any configured alerts;

  • export of CSV/TXT/JSON/XML channels with generation of static files;

  • export of the Amazon API channels in the order in which any multiple Amazon channels are shown in the interface. 

For brevity, in all the export processes listed above the application of the project rules and the rules of the individual channels, which is carried out in every export process, is not mentioned.


Cosa succede se configuro la schedulazione di tutti i progetti nello stesso orario?

Connecteed will process multiple imports/exports at the same time for the same account. If two projects are scheduled in parallel, the process will be activated simultaneously on multiple projects.

However, if there are two schedules for the same project, the second will start only after the end of the first.

An export that requires 1 hour of activity to complete cannot be processed with two schedules of 1pm and 1.20pm. The second process will be started only after the first process is finished.